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McLaren 720 S Made From Legos

The Newest McLaren 720S Is Made Out Of LEGOs?

In April (April 1st to be exact), McLaren announced that they will offer the 570GT with an optional feather wrap.  Yea, it was an April fools joke, but this 1:1 replica of the 720S made entirely of LEGO’s in not, & you can help build it! A crew of 6 people took over 2,000 hours, ...

The McLaren 570s Takes Its Top Off

The McLaren 570s Spider shares so many similarities as its roofed counterpart that we decided to keep this brief, & show you some awesome pictures instead. Since it uses a carbon fiber MonoCell II Chassis no additional support is required to maintain rigidity. Performance number will remain the same & you can still hit 62 mph ...


McLaren 570GT Feather Wrap. Available April 1st.

A video from McLaren with a sense of humor, who knew?! In their contribution to April Fools, McLaren releases a video showing their new bird feather wrap optional on the 570GT. God knows there’s some rich guy from Dubai ready to throw their cash at McLaren to get their hands on one!