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Jerry Cimadomo is the Editor-In-Chief at The Feel of Fast. Growing up in a car-loving family, working as a mechanic, & going to the track only strengthened his passion for cars. Jerry's finger is always on the pulse of breaking car news. He has an unusual love for "new" Pontiac's. Also, for some reason, people either love or despise his Iron Man-ish beard.


McLaren 570GT Feather Wrap. Available April 1st.

A video from McLaren with a sense of humor, who knew?! In their contribution to April Fools, McLaren releases a video showing their new bird feather wrap optional on the 570GT. God knows there’s some rich guy from Dubai ready to throw their cash at McLaren to get their hands on one!


Can The Lexus Lane Valet Kick You Out Of Your Lane?

If you’ve ever been stuck behind a driver hogging the passing lane you may have wished there was a cattle catcher or machine gun on the front of your car. Well this video from Lexus appears to make our wishes come true, sort of. It shows a technology that will remotely move the slow Lexus ...

The Tesla Model 3 Interior: An iPad Taped To The Dash

Tesla finally unveiled the most affordable car in it’s line up, the model 3, and for $35k it didn’t look too horrible, that is, until they showed us the interior. I’ve never been a big fan of Tesla’s exterior design, they don’t have enough spark to get my juices flowing. Whenever i see one i ...


6 Signs That You Really Don’t Care About Cars

Like everything in life, interest in cars falls on a spectrum with Gear Heads on one side & the “Others” on the opposite with a ton of grey areas in between. A Gear Head knows about cars, is interested to learn more, & can associate feelings or times in their life to certain cars. The ...