Watch This All Electric 4 Door Family Car Hit 235mph.

Competition in the electric car market is fierce, especially when you consider most big name companies offer an EV or plan to soon. So how do you stay in the spotlight even when you don’t have an actual car to sell yet? Well, Lucid Motors has decided the way to achieve this is to film themselves driving a car fast, insanely fast.

This video shows the fully electric Lucid Air Alpha hitting a hair styling top speed of 235 mph. In case you’re having trouble wrapping your head around that, here’s a short list of cars with a slower top speed.

  • Ferrari 812 Superfast (221 mph)
  • Ferrari FXXK (217 mph)
  • Lamborghini Aventador (220 mph)
  • 2017 Ford GT (217 mph)
  • Porsche 918 (218 mph)

Sure you can argue that the Lucid Air Alpha is just a highly modified prototype, but you can’t deny this is impressive from a 4 door, all electric family car. Lucid Motors has a whole lot of catching up to do considering their first production vehicle is not scheduled to hit the market till 2019. Tesla has the momentum, so when Lucid releases a vehicle, they really better come out swinging.

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