Apollo Automobil Teases A New Car, And It Might Not Be Called The Titan

You likely know Apollo Automobil thanks to the Gumpert, or maybe even the Arrow. This small, German supercar manufacturer was founded by Roland Gumpert in 2004 & taken over by Chinese investors in 2016. Their newest car was nicknamed project Titan, but apparently that has been scrapped for a simpler name, The Apollo IE. But is this the actual name, or a place holder for now?

Apollo IE Teaser Wing

The press release indicated that “over the coming weeks more details will slowly be revealed and the full name officially announced”. This make sit seem as if Apollo IE is just a place holder for now. Apollo IE may not sound as epic as Titan, but the tri tip exhaust & the angular lines make it looks more like an aircraft than a car. The Apollo IE will be built on a Full carbon chassis & use a naturally aspirated V12 engine. It has been developed with the help of an Italian Botique company called MAT.  Only 10 units of the Apollo IE will be made with the first delivery occurring early in 2018.



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