How Aston Martin Got Its Name

Unlike Ferrari & Lamborghini, Aston Martin didn’t get its name by simply using the surname of its founder. The story, is a bit more complex, but only a bit.

First Aston Martin - Coal Scuttle

The first ever Aston Martin, named the Coal Scuttle.

In 1913 Lionel Martin & Robert Bamford got together to modify & sell cars manufactured by a company called Singer. After Martins successful run at the speed hill race, known as the Aston Hill Climb, the duo decided to build cars of their own. The first vehicle created by Bamford & Martin LTD was known as an Aston Martin, & thus the name was created. In summary, the name Aston Martin comes from a combination of Lionel Martin’s surname, & the Aston Hill Climb that he participated in. Now the Aston Martin name no longer represents a particular model, but the company in its entirety.



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