Rezvani Teases New Extreme Off Road Vehicle

You might remember the Rezvani Beast as an Ariel Atom with skin, or the Rezvani Beast Alpha for its crazy SideWinder doors & Lotus Elise bones. Basically the company is known for taking popular vehicles, tweaking the performance, & building a more appealing body on top. Now the company is teasing a new vehicle, but it’s not a sports car like the other two. It’s a military inspired, extreme off road vehicle, & it looks like this.

Rezvani SUV teaser

Currently without a name, this Rezvani SUV will pack a serious punch. Here’s a list of some of the known features:

  • 4 doors, 5 passengers.
  • Will have a base model & a more powerful X model.
  • On demand 4 x 4.
  • Body on frame design.
  • High ride height.
  • Skid Plates
  • Extreme off road suspension.
  • 2 Engine options will be available.
  • Optional features include B6 bullet proof glass, a Kevlar gas tank, and Kevlar body panels.

Rezvani SUV Teaser Side

With that boxy, angular shape it almost looks like a Polaris RZR could be underneath, or some other side by side. The Ariel Nomad also came to mind, however that only comes in a 2 seat version. The cost is unknown for now, but you can reserve one with a $1,000 deposit. Based on the Beast & Beast alpha, we might guess the price will be between $120K and $200K. Deliveries will not be starting until later this year.



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