All Volvos Get The Electric Treatment Starting In 2019

Volvo just announced that every car it makes from 2019 on will have an electric motor. While some models will go all-electric, others will be hybrids. This announcement represents one of the largest shifts from any manufacturer away from the combustion engine. Sure companies like Tesla exist, but they started with a line of EV’s only &  did’t have to make a change of this magnitude.

Twin Engine T8 Volvo S90 Inscription White

Also, between 2019 &  2021 they will launch 5 all electric models. 3 of them will be Volvos & 2 of them will be from the separate Polestar Performance division. Since branching off, Polestar will be focusing on “electrified high performance cars”, so it will be really exciting to see what they can come up with. In April, Volvo announced that its first all electric car will be made in China, so we can guess that these production facilities are going to get busier as time goes on. Volvo says the switch is due to an increasing demand for electric vehicles. All details of the new models will be arriving at a later date to stay tuned!

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