The Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge Edition Targets A Younger Crowd

While the “dude in their 20’s with $400K to blow” market isn’t huge, it does exist. Rolls Royce is looking to tap into that market with the release of the new Dawn Black Badge. So how does the Dawn Black Badge differ from a regular Dawn?

Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge Interior 2

The look & feel of the Dawn Black Badge represents the majority of changes. The deep black with orange accents give the dawn a more sporty look. That is, if we are comparing the colors to one of those dark navy blues or grays Rolls Royce offers. Rolls was able to give the car a fun look without coming across as juvenile. One of the most important things to note, is that the changes aren’t just visual, they’re performance oriented as well.

Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge Doors Open
The 6.6L V12 Twin Turbo now makes 601 hp and 620 ft lbs of torque. That’s about 30hp & 15 ft lbs more than the regular Dawn. The way the 8 speed automatic transmission shifts has been tweaked also. The Rolls Royce press release indicates “Fundamental changes to the transmission and throttle strategy give Dawn an enhanced feeling of urgency…”. We might assume there is a bit more throttle response, & possibly later shifts. The trans will downshift a few RPM sooner offering engine braking & a sportier feel. On top if that, the steering rack has been quickened, & the new brakes will be enlarged by 1 inch in diameter. Since the regular Dawn costs around $340,000 – $400,000 based on options, we can assume the Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge will be somewhere on the high end of those numbers, if not more.


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