Aston Martin Is Killing It This Week – 3 Big Announcements

1: Aston Martin Confirms Its First All Electric Model:

Remember in October 2015 Aston Martin teased an all electric car with the RapidE Concept? Well the company just confirmed it will start production on the RapidE in 2019. It’ll be based on the 2017 Rapide AMR Concept, so we know it will have 4 doors & look something like the Rapide S.  The RapidE will be a limited production; only 155 are to be built.


2: The DB11 Will Now Be Offered With A V8 Engine

The DB11 can now be purchased with a smaller 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 making 510 hp and 498 ft-lbs of torque (vs 600hp and 516 ft-lbs in the V12). 0-62mph takes just 4.0sec & top speed is 187mph (vs 0-62 in 3.9 sec & top speed of 200 in the V12) . For all the people complaining that the reduction in power is blasphemous, get over it. Aston indicated the reasoning behind the V8 DB11 is to round out the offerings & appeal to a wider audience. The V8 Powered DB11 will be available in the USA for $198,995


3: The Aston Martin Vulcan Gets An Upgrade. Enter The Vulcan AMR Pro. 

Someone decided that the raw, ferocious Aston Marin Vulcan wasn’t quite crazy enough. Now, there is an upgrade package available to the 24 owners of this extremely rare vehicle. The package focuses mainly on improving aerodynamics. It includes dive planes on the nose, louvred panels above the wheel arches, turning vanes on the front splitter, a new wing, & more. The result is a significant improvement in downforce. The package is already being applied to the first Vulcan & should be complete in the Fall. The cost for the upgrade package has not been disclosed, but on 2 Million dollar car it can’t be cheap.

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