The Newest McLaren 720S Is Made Out Of LEGOs?

In April (April 1st to be exact), McLaren announced that they will offer the 570GT with an optional feather wrap.  Yea, it was an April fools joke, but this 1:1 replica of the 720S made entirely of LEGO’s in not, & you can help build it!

McLaren 720 S Made From Legos

A crew of 6 people took over 2,000 hours, and used over 280K bricks to build this full size 720S.  For comparison, a real 720S takes only 12 days to make! Theres just one small detail we left out, the LEGO replica is not finished! People who visit the Goodwood Festival Of Speed will have the opportunity to add the finishing blocks. The car will be displayed in the McLaren booth at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK starting June 29th.

McLaren 720 S Made From Legos (2)

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