People In These States Are Most Likely To Buy A Convertible

Remember when the MythBusters would test something so obvious, you thought why bother? Well, the outcome of this study is sort of like that. Unsurprisingly the states that you were thinking of are likely at the top of the list. Based on a study conduced by iSeeCars,  people in Florida are most likely to buy a convertible. In fact, convertibles represent 3.6% of all cars sold there (during the period tested). Coming in second is Arizona with convertibles representing 2.8% of sales. California is third with 2.7%.

fiat 124 spider Blue

The agency that conducted the study looked at about 15 Million cars over the past year (between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017). According to the study, the national average is 1.9%. So that means out of 15 Million cars sold, only about 285K were convertibles. You can see the full run down below.

State Convertible Share
FL 3.6%
AZ 2.8%
CA 2.7%
NV 2.3%
GA 2.2%
SC 2.2%
VA 2.1%
NJ 2.1%
CT 2.1%
TN 2.0%
NC 1.9%
RI 1.9%
DE 1.9%
Average 1.9%
MD 1.8%
IL 1.8%
TX 1.7%
AL 1.7%
NH 1.7%
HI 1.6%
MA 1.6%
IN 1.6%
NY 1.6%
MO 1.6%
WA 1.6%
OR 1.6%
OH 1.5%
PA 1.5%
NM 1.5%
CO 1.4%
AR 1.3%
LA 1.3%
KY 1.3%
OK 1.3%
MS 1.3%
SD 1.2%
KS 1.2%
MI 1.2%
NE 1.1%
WV 1.1%
MN 1.1%
UT 1.1%
WI 1.1%
IA 1.1%
VT 1.1%
ME 1.0%
ID 1.0%
ND 0.8%
MT 0.7%
WY 0.6%
AK 0.4%



  1. a friend of mine just took a trip to Florida n he rented a Mustang convertible but i would think you want to stay in the closed off AC if it was that hot



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