How Dodge Will Allocate The Challenger SRT Demon To Dealers.

The plan is to have the Dodge Challenger Demon go on sale tomorrow,  Wednesday June 21st at the MSRP of $84,995. Until today, Dodge’s response to concerns about price gouging was basically “don’t worry, we got this”. Earlier this morning they announced their strategy, & it isn’t too bad.

Standard drag-race inspired interior configuration of the 2018 D

Basically, Demons will be sold prior to dealer delivery.  Demons which will be sold at or below MRSP will be given priority in the delivery chain. In other words, you will get a lower VIN number. An “acknowledgement document” must me signed by the buyer as well as the dealer, and it must also be notarized! A special Demon Concierge hotline will be set up & the documents must be reviewed before the car is given the go ahead for production & delivery.

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Each dealer already has a pre-determined number of Demons they will be receiving. In fact, dealers are only eligible to order a demon if they have sold more than 1 hellcat in the past 12 months. Allocation is based on a 60 percent SRT Hellcat and 40 percent Charger and Challenger sales performance. With only 3,300 Demons being made (3,000 in the United States & 300 in Canada) , this seems like a solid idea to ensure insane dealer markups are kept to a minimum. Whether or not it will work remains to me seen.


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