Aston Martin Releases Not One But Two Cars In Its AMR Lineup

AMR (Aston Martin Racing) is to Aston Martin the same way AMG is to Mercedes, however Aston Martin has never developed an AMR for the road, until now. The Vantage AMR will be available in either a V8 version with 436hp or a V12 version with 603hp. For those of you keeping track, that would mean the V12 version is the most powerful Vantage ever. Prices start at about $124,995 (£97,995), & both models will be available in a coupe or roadster body style.

The best part about the Vantage AMR, is that Aston is not going to force you to have an Automatic transmission. That’s right, you have the option of either an automatic transmission with paddle shift, or a six speed manual for the V8 and 7 speed manual for the V12.
The colors are inspired by the No. 95 Vantage GTE. The Stirling Green paint is complimented by the lime green racing stripe. Also, you’ll notice the lime green piping on the seats, doors & center console on the interior. The Vantage AMR will have a wide range of optional extras including carbon fiber seats, front grille, an Aero Kit, & much more. The aero kit will include a “front splitter and dive planes, plus side sills and a fixed rear spoiler.” Forged aluminium wheels from the Vantage AMR Pro Concept are also optional as is a titanium exhaust.
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