Here Is a Sneak Peak At The Fisker EMotion

The Fisker EMotion isn’t in our driveway yet, but it may be just around the corner. Just recently Fisker released pictures & other details of its all electric vehicle known as the EMotion. Starting at $129,900, the EMotion should have a 400 + mile electric range, & a top speed of 161 MPH. The UltraCharger technology will charge over 100 Miles in just 9 minutes.

The black spot at the nose of the car houses the LIDAR system, & the side mirrors have cameras which provide a total panoramic 360 degree view around the vehicle. There are carbon bits all around the car including in the wheels, & aero elements on the rear.

The EMotion will be sold directly through the Fisker Website & “experience centers”. THe EMotion will be survaced by The Hybrid Shop (THS), a company with 36 North American & Canadian service centers. Additional information will be revelaed through June, & preorders for the vehicle will begin June 30th.

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