The M4 GT4 Is Your Track Ready M4 For $189K

BMW is is bringing its M4 game to the next level, and likely the max level. Sure you’ve got the regular M4, the overpriced M4 CS, & even the M4 GTS a step above that. But the brand new M4 GT4 is your only M4 that is track ready right off the production line.

So the outside sure looks like a race car, but what can it actually do? The 3.0L turbocharged inline 6 cylinder engine makes up to 431 horsepower depending on balance of performance. What does that mean? In short, the engine power output can be adjusted to handicap the car in races that call for this sort of thing. You may be thinking to yourself that the regular M4 has almost the same horsepower at 425 so what’s the big difference? The difference is in the power to weight ratio.

With a carbon fiber hood & doors as well as a ton of other weight reduction measures, the M4 GT4 should weigh considerably less than your standard M4 giving it a much higher power to weight ratio. The curb weight has not been released just yet, but a lighter car is a very safe assumption. Connected to the engine is a 7 speed dual clutch transmission, sorry no manual available. This is a machine created to go fast, so there is no room for your missed shifts or poor clutchwork! The M4 GT4 also has front splitters, a rear wing, & racing exhaust system. The seat, brakes & pedals all use technology from BMW’s top racing model, the M6 GT3.

All that will cost you right around $188,821 plus VAT. You can bet they will be going for over $200K if the insane dealer markups we saw on the GTS are the same. Some people are arguing that there are a lot of better options for the price. I can guarantee those people haven’t driven the M4 GT4, or the “competition” for that matter. Hopefully we can get our hands on one soon and really sort this out!

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