BMW Just Keeps On Giving With The New M8 And M8 GTE

Just when you’re coming down from your BMW Concept 8 high, they hit us with a triple whammy. There’s going to be a BMW M8 and a race spec M8 GTE!

The M8 isn’t a new idea, but for the first time ever it really seems we’re going to be getting one. A while back (in 2010) a secret M8 prototype was unveiled to journalists at the BMW museum. But, by then, the idea was already dead because BMW felt there was no place for it. But in todays world, that thought has changed. Within about 48 hours BMW announced we’re getting a new 8 series with the Concept 8, an M8 & an M8 GTE. I think i need a cigarette, & i don’t even smoke. So what do we know about the car?


The M8 will be revealed during a driving presentation at the Nurburgring 24 hours race. It will have larger air intakes, modified brakes, a sport exhaust as well as significantly boosted power. We don’t know how much horsepower or torque the M8 will have, nor do we know the price or basically anything else at this point. So take this time to gawk at the pictures and imagine what’s underneath the camouflage. The Race Spec M8 GTE will make its race debut at Daytona 24 hours in late January 2018.




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