Honda’s Test Track Has Reopened And It Is Awesome

Honda’s revamped proving grounds are so massive, you could probably get lost on them. Today, Honda announced that they are reopening the HPC or (Honda Proving Center) in the Mojave desert near Cantin, California. This enormous testing facility is great for testing anything from Cars & SUV’s to Dirt Bikes and ATV’s.

They can test vehicles at speeds over 200 mph using the 7.5 mile, high speed banked oval track. If handling & suspension is being fine tuned, then the 4.5 mile winding road course with 28 curves & 6 different hills will be just perfect. Don’t forget, Honda makes dirt bikes, ATV’s too. They’ve got that covered with a massive 1.3 million square foot vehicle dynamics area.


This track will allow Honda to test tons of scenarios on a multitude of different vehicles. Honda notes in the press release: “HPC has long played a valuable role in the development of our products and this renovation will ensure it continues to do so.”

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