Automakers Using The Takata Airbag Inflator Agree To Pay $553 Million.

You may remember towards the end of 2014 concern was significantly growing for dangerous airbags that were installed in a number of vehicles. Today it is known that 19 manufacturers & approximately 42 million vehicles contained a Takata  airbag inflator which could rupture sending metal shards into the cabin of the car. All vehicles with these Takata airbags have been recalled in what is being known as the largest safety recall in US history.

Today, in a Mazda press release, they announced that BMW, Mazda, Toyota, & Subaru all agreed to pay $553 Million towards activities that will remedy & rectify this problem. These activities include an outreach program, a rental car program, out of pocket claims/residual distribution as well as other fees and administration. In addition to that, those automakers will offer a customer support program for cars covered by those proposed settlements. If you need more information make sure to visit

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