Bentley Makes A Bentayga For The Falconry Enthusiast Community

Are you into Falconry? Well we’ve got great news! The Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner is the perfect solution for any serious Falconry enthusiast. It comes with a crazy in-car falconry kit and a bunch of extra goodies. Yes, we’re serious.

In the back of the car, you will find 2 natural cork fabric trimmed compartments. There is a master flight Station & also a refreshment case, both cases are on a movable tray so you can access them much easier. I mean shucks, don’t you just hate when your falconry kit is not easily accessible? I know i do.
Inside these units is basically everything you need to enjoy your favorite sport. You’ve got 3 metal flasks, a blanket & face cloths. Also, a GPS bird tracking unit, binoculars, a hand crafted leather bird hood & gauntlets are optional, presumably for an additional cost.  Inside the cabin you’ll find inlaid wood on the dash with a desert scene just in case you forgot which Bentley you got into that morning. There’s even a cool perch so you and your falcon can chill together on the ride.


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