All You Need To Know About The 2017 Ford GT

I remember in the 4th grade a friend of mine had an awesome set of scented markers, but he wouldn’t let me use them. So i went out & got (by bugging my mom) a bigger & much nicer set that became the talk of the classroom. This is basically what happened when Henry Ford II tried to purchase Ferrari from Enzo Ferrari. After 9 months the deal fell through, & Ford was pissed. So they decided to hit them where it hurt, right in their racing gonads. The Ford GT40 was born, & after a few tries, it won the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans in 1966, beating out Ferrari in a 1 2 3 victory. Exactly 50 years later (2016) Ford was back on top as the victor of Le Mans with its brand new car, the Ford GT LM.

Work began on the new Ford GT in 2013, & now the road car version is finally being released. You won’t be seeing a V8 like Ford GT’s of the past, but instead a 3.5L 6 Cylinder twin turbo engine. Ford calls it Ecoboost, but don’t be too worried by the wimpy name, the car does turn out 647 hp & 550 ft-lbs of torque. 0-60 is estimated to be under 3 seconds by online sources, & the top speed is 216 mph, making it the fastest Ford production car ever. This RWD, mid-engine super car uses a seven speed dual clutch transmission.

How much is all of that you ask? The 2017 Ford GT costs $450K. That’s a very good price, so is it a very good car? The technology is there, it has a deploy-able spoiler with active aerodynamics. This includes an air braking function. You have double wishbones all around as well as push-rod springs & dampers. The new Ford GT will have hydraulically actuated ride height control for stability & aerodynamics, & even 5 driving modes. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 tires use a unique compound & structure that was specifically designed for the Ford GT. You’ve got carbon ceramic brakes & also a really cool F1 style steering wheel.

So how is it to drive? We have not gotten a hold of one yet, but many online sources indicate it is a pleasure to drive on the racetrack, but falls short on the road. According to a Carfection presenter, the steering is very heavy and the feedback is incredible. They indicated that the car is very loud on the road & a bit uncomfortable. The driving position is extremely aggressive & since the seat is bolted to the bottom of the car you can’t make too many adjustments. The ride quality may be decent but the other factors may make it a poor Grand Touring car. Overall i feel like this is one of the coolest looking cars Ford has ever produced, & based on car shows, the crowds seem to agree. Great looks along with new technology & a rich history make this a car i can’t wait to try.



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