You Could Own One Of Michael Schumacher’s F1 Cars

Sort of. Technically you could own an island if you had enough cash to pony up. On May 21st 2017, Bonhams auction house will be putting this 1991 3.5-liter Benetton Cosworth Ford B191 on the block. They estimate it will go for anywhere between $820K – $1 Million. Schumacher didn’t win any races in this car, but it was used in his first ever F1 season (towards the end). Though Schumacher wasn’t lucky with this car, it was a winner.

The HBA5 V8 Engine is powerful enough to throw down 650 bhp at deafening 13,000 RPM! It was also used by F1 World Champion Nelson Piquet who, with it, won the 1991 Canadian GP. It was also used by Roberto Moreno. Interested in buying it? Well get your plane ticket to Belgium ready, this car will be auctioned off at the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. Want more info? Check out the auction listing here.




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