Land Rover Offers New Special Edition Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque Landmark was recently announced by Land Rover. This special edition was built to celebrate 6 years of Evoque success, & wouldn’t you know it, the color is inspired by the Canadian Rockies!

The color, dubbed Moraine Blue, is really the only unique part of this production as far as we can tell. But the Evoque Landmark represents a great run for this luxury SUV, a run that is still going strong. In fact, March 2017 was the best ever month for the Evoque with sales nearing 18,000 units. This SUV will also be available in Yulong White & Corris Grey. Also, it appears that the car will be available for sale globally, the press release indicates that “the Special Edition will make its global debut at the Royal Windsor Horse Show on 10 May, when orders will open.”



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