The Audi Moon Rover’s First Mission Is A Movie Role

Audi Actually does have a real moon rover Named the Lunar Quattro. It’s a sophisticated piece of engineering & was really designed for moon exploration. It’s first mission though is as a “cast” member in the movie Alien Covenant.

Audi says the Lunar Quattro has be preparing for an actual moon mission since 2015, and that it is “set to embark on a real mission to the moon”. However, this press release didn’t outline any specific plans. So for now, we’ll have to be satisfied with its role as a movie prop. Audi also created a little teaser video below with the Lunar Quattro. They call it a short film so it is most likely not a part of the Alien Covenant movie. Check it out below.

If you can’t get enough, here are a few more pictures of the Lunar Quattro.


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