BMW Goes Totally Rad Man

BMW’s partnership with Coachella is putting an interesting design spin on the i8 and i3. You won’t see these cars with hemp bug guards or charging crystals to re-align your chakras, but they will be wrapped in some groovy colors man!

So what’s really going on here? BMW’s goal is to present itself as a “sustainable, future-oriented brand”, and what better place to use buzz words like “sustainable” and “future oriented” then Coachella? They will be the exclusive transportation partner at the festival and will provide a VIP shuttle service & hospitality. VIP’s will be using the  i3 & X5 40e  while the i8 will be reserved for celebrity transportation only. If you’ve ever sat in the back of an i8 you’d know that there’s about as much legroom as a hamster cage, but maybe Tupac’s hologram will find it comfortable.




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