5 Funny Things People Learning To Drive Stick Do

If your learning how to drive stick, this list is really going to hit home. If you learned a long time ago, it may make you nostalgic for a time when your friends busted your balls for stalling. In any case, here’s a list of things people learning to drive stick do.

1) Take a longer route home:  The normal way to get home has a massive hill with lots of traffic. You’re new to this whole manual thing so you take the longer, less hilly route home with less traffic. Then you try to convince your friends “this way is totally faster” or “better”.

2) e brake cheat: Instead of stalling, burning up your clutch, or rolling back into the hot chick behind you, you decide to use the hand brake to help you get going.

3) Coasting through stop signs: Instead of stopping completely you would coast through the stop sign or slowly crawl up to stopped traffic because you are still afraid to start from a full stop.

4) Did i put the e brake on?: You parked on a small hill and went back to check to make sure you put the e brake all the way up. Of course, you did.

5) Throw the shifter way too hard: A shifter does not require that much force to change gears. But you hammer that thing down anyways because that’s how it’s done in the movies!

Those are the 5 i could think of off the top of my head. Am i missing anything?


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