The Dodge Demon Will Have 840 Horsepower. Livestream Summary

Dodge has been teasing us for 12 long weeks about the new Challenger SRT Demon. In their live streaming event, dodge finally released the specifications of the long awaited street legal drag car.

Horsepower:840 (Most Powerful V8 In a production Car)
Torque: 770
Price: Unknown
0-60mph: in 2.3 sec
0-100mph: 5.1 sec.
Quarter Mile: 9.65 Sec (Hell Yea!) Certified by the NHRA.
You will experience 1.8G’s when you launch.
Includes a leather bound tech manual.
2.7 liter Supercharger with 14.5 lbs of boost.
Largest functional Cold Air Intake on a production car. Drops temperatures by up to 45 degrees.
New Higher Stall Speed Torque Converter.
Will not include passenger or rear seats, but you can add them for just $1 each.
You will get full boost within 6 feet of the starting line.
2 Step Torque Reserve System.
Looser front suspension: Will allow for easier weight transfer to rear wheels adding traction.
Street Legal Slicks.
18 x 11in wheels.
309 Gearing

Other Nonsense:
The Last Viper video was played twice. Maybe one of the guests were late?
Wiz Khalifa got a free Hellcat.
Once Vin Diesel came out, someone screamed  “Give me back my money”
If there were any hints or clues in the numerous teaser videos, the meanings were not shared with us.




  1. […] plan is to have the Dodge Challenger Demon go on sale tomorrow,  Wednesday June 21st at the MSRP of $84,995. Until today, Dodge’s […]



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