The 2018 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition Should Be Fun, Not Fancy.

Is that a new shirt? The 2018 370Z is going to have custom graphics, & a new high performance clutch if you opt for the manual. Besides that, it’s basically the same, again. I understand the disdain some people have for the news. The car has remained widely unchanged since 2009 which appears to show a lack of innovation from Nissan. Not to mention that those decals will only add 5-10 hp max!

Ok, so there are other minor appearance differences in the head lights & tail lamps but nothing to get really excited about. A lot of people seem to be really butt hurt over the absence of changes, but i don’t really mind. The 370Z has always been fun to drive & i feel like that’s because it hasn’t been tainted by the technology that all you gosh darn kids are talking about these days dagnammit!
Solid power, RWD, and minimal computer “help” has always been a recipe for fun, but some upgraded hardware over the years wouldn’t hurt. Gear heads are really picky, if you change something too much, people are pissed. If you don’t change it enough, yup, you guessed it, people are pissed. It’s hard to win in the car manufacturing biz, but the answer seems to be keeping up with the times while still remembering where you came from. The Subaru STI is a good example of this. People whine the engine is the same but it has been tweaked & nearly everything else has been improved without losing that STI feel.

Nissan has not yet released the price of the 2018 370Z Heritage Edition, but some news sources are speculating those decals are going to cost you. That they’re just a ploy to dig deeper into your pockets. The car will have a 332 HP 3.7L v6 Engine and be available in both Manual & Automatic. It’s set to be available in spring 2017, so basically right now. If they keep the price on par with previous years i’d definitely say it is worth taking a look at.



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