Crash Your Tesla, Win A Prize!

In the newest installment of “It was someone else’s fault” a South Korean celebrity Ji-chang Son is suing Tesla through a class action lawsuit filed recently. While pulling into his driveway, Mr. Son claims the his Tesla Model X accelerated on it’s own into, & through the garage, leaving the car nose in the living room.

Let’s be clear, i don’t know what actually happened & unless you are a small animal that can read, & happened to be under Mr. Son’s seat that day, you don’t know either. The fact is, it does not matter if Mr. Son accidentally smashed his accelerator on accident or not. Why? Because the lawsuit claims, in so few words, that the car should now allow you to accelerate into a fixed object. A line in the suit says “Despite repeated instances of Tesla drivers reporting uncommanded full power acceleration while parking, Tesla has failed to develop and implement computer algorithms that would eliminate the danger of full power acceleration into fixed objects.”

Why are we even bringing this up? Because in the case of Mr. Son, Tesla’s, an investigation of the “black box” uncovered that the accelerator pedal was depressed to 100% at the time of impact. A representative from Tesla is quoted as saying that the “vehicle responded correctly to driver-applied inputs”  & the lawsuit states “the computer registered a 100% acceleration command the second before the vehicle collided with the back wall of his garage.”

It comes as no surprise that Tesla reached that conclusion, however, some news sources indicate that a 3rd party even investigated the data & reached the same conclusion.  Could the data have been manipulated or skewed? Could the rep have lied? Who knows, & again it really does not matter since they are claiming Tesla should be held accountable for allowing you to crash. Maybe Tesla should make a park mode, you know, for people who confuse the right pedal with the left. Hell, maybe the new Model 3 can do your homework for you & wash the dishes.


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