6 Signs That You Really Don’t Care About Cars

Like everything in life, interest in cars falls on a spectrum with Gear Heads on one side & the “Others” on the opposite with a ton of grey areas in between. A Gear Head knows about cars, is interested to learn more, & can associate feelings or times in their life to certain cars. The “others”, not so much. You may think about an actor when you hear the word “Corolla” or think that “Toyota” is the name of that new Sushi place down the street. In the real world, that’s not really a bad thing. I don’t know much about football, makeup or Dancing With The Stars & i get along just fine. 
So how do you know where you stand? Here are a few signs that you may not really give a crap about cars.
1) You don’t know what car your best friend has:
You have a best friend, right? What kind of car do they own? If you know the make, could you tell us the model? If you don’t know either the make or model, you probably don’t care about cars. 
2) You own a boring car:
Of course, everyone has their own financial situations, & we’re trying to ignore that for a minute here. But if you find yourself driving one of these, you may not really care about cars: Any minivan, Nissan Rogue or Altima, Chrysler 200, Chevy Cruise, any modern Buick, almost any Hyundai (besides a Genesis Coupe), Toyota Camry or Corolla and the list goes on. I’m NOT saying these are bad cars, in fact many of them are reliable & affordable. They are just on the stale side, & don’t provide a driver with much excitement. 
3) Your car makes noise & you turn the radio up:
Do you feel like i’m looking at you now? You get on the gas, hit the brakes or are just cruising along & you hear a strange noise. The car feels no different, so you just turn the radio up & hope it will go away. You ignore your cars cries just like you would ignore a red headed step child. 
4) You don’t know how to check your fluids. Or worse, what that even means.
You may think a dipstick is some sort of ice cream cone treat at Baskin & Robbins or that coolant is a Gatorade flavor. If you’ve never checked the fluids in your car & the tire pressure… you don’t really care about cars. 
5) Your only emotion pertaining to cars is anger.
When a Gear Head gets in a fast car they feel excited, an old car & they feel nostalgia, and their car makes them comfortable. If you only get some sort of emotion when your car brakes down or is not running right, than you may not care about cars.  
6) Your car looks like it got into a fight:
You have curb rash on your wheels (scratches). Dents & dings on your bumpers. Or worst of all, you’ve spilled soda or coffee somewhere inside the car & did not clean it out properly. AHHH.
So what, you don’t give a crap about cars. I’m not going to judge you… ok maybe just a little bit. But if you are reading this & feel completely clueless remember one thing, a bit of car knowledge is never a bad thing & can save you tons of time in the long run.
  1. Excited to see more videos!



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